Physical Needs Assessment

In assessing capital or property needs, our team is able to provide any format for any agency or lending program: PCNA, CNA, and PNA to agency or lender requirements and ASTM standards.

ENW offers the assessment of:

·         Existing conditions, risks and upside possibilities for acquisitions

·         Deferred maintenance

·         Code deficiencies

·         Life Safety issues

·         Regulatory and program compliance, such as ADA and Section 504

·         Analyze zoning, site constraints, and budget to prepare scope of work

·         Reserve Analysis to term required by funding source or owner program

·         LIHTC investors and syndicators

·         HUD for FHA programs

·         HUD for HAs, ARRA, CDBG etc.

·         USDA/RD 515 Transfers, 538 etc.

·         State Tax Credit Allocation Committees

·         Bonding agencies

·         Banks and conventional lenders