Who We Are

EVREN Northwest, Inc., (ENW) is a Pacific Northwest environmental and natural resources consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon with a satellite office in Bend, Oregon. ENW specializes in natural resource and environmental assessments and investigations, remediation and mitigation, geologic, hydrogeologic and water resource studies, and assessment of human health and ecological risk.   

ENW is unique in that the company’s principals and senior associates bring experience from both government regulation and private industry and are well versed and experienced in environmental laws and regulations as well as their practical implementation having performed scientific and engineering studies on a wide range of natural resource evaluation and management projects.

By providing these services in-house, we can deliver prompt, efficient service while maintaining high quality standards. ENW's Project Managers are oriented toward providing results. Our past regulatory experience ensures regulatory compliance and efficient, effective results with environmental issues, and our extensive experience with natural resource management, assessment, and design is implemented for the benefit of our clients. Because of this, our clients include many other consulting firms in the Pacific Northwest and California, as well as attorneys, developers, contractors, and commercial, industrial, and professional businesses. 

ENW is committed to providing superior client service and prompt, reliable results. ENW’s dedicated professionals understand your need for accurate, cost-effective solutions to today's environmental concerns. We emphasize thorough project documentation and can tailor Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) programs to meet your needs.  


EVREN Northwest (ENW) was founded in 1998 by environmental and natural resource professionals with extensive regulatory and private consulting experience. It was our desire to make exceptional professional abilities available to the business community, providing efficient, innovative, and economic solutions to complex environmental problems. Since that time, ENW has provided environmental services to a wide range of clients. Our clients have included health organizations, hotel/motel chains, commercial and residential developers, banks, parties to real estate transactions, investors, industrialists, automobile dealerships and servicing facilities, insurance companies, public service agencies, public and private schools, and other consulting companies. In fact, ENW services are utilized by many other environmental consulting firms because of the skills and abilities available on-staff. 


·         Environmental Site Assessments:

·         Business Risk Assessment

·         Transaction Screens

·         Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

·         Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

·         Baseline Conditions Assessments

·         Environmental Investigations, Remediation, and Mitigation

·         Watershed and Stream Assessments

·         Stream Restoration and Monitoring

·         Regulatory Compliance

·         Risk-Based Assessments

·         Geologic and Hydrogeologic Assessments

·         Geologic Mapping

·         Aggregate Resource Evaluation

·         Slope Stability Analysis

·         Geologic Hazards Studies

·         Water Resource Studies

·         Indoor Air Quality Assessments

·         Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation

·         Radon Testing and Mitigation

·         Mold/Mildew Investigation and Remediation Confirmation

·         Legal Witness

·         Geotechnical Investigations


ENW is a small company but has a very successful and unique approach to projects that larger companies are unable to match. Total technical control and project and data management continuity are maintained by our highly experienced Project Manager, Lynn Green. Lynn is experienced at assembling project teams to meet client objectives and providing efficient project management services to direct these teams. Lynn and the rest of ENW stress communication and customer service with our clients, to ensure that project needs and deadlines are met. 

Unlike most consulting firms, the people who own ENW actually work on the projects. Project team members can expect to see the principals and project managers working along side them. ENW uses its core group of environmental professionals and natural resource specialists with over 125 years of combined experience to deliver high quality environmental consulting services in a wide range of technical fields and for a wide variety of clients. Our ability to flex with project demands enables us to respond quickly to evolving client demands and deliver an extremely efficient and targeted work team and finished work product. With our small size but extremely strong skills and experience, we can complete projects more cost-effectively and with much more consistent quality than can be accomplished in the more traditional large-firm consulting environments.

ENW’s field work is supported by high-quality, detailed data management and analysis, and report writing that is clear, concise, and easy-to-understand for the client.