Hazardous Material Assessment

ENW provides a wide range of services to address hazardous materials. These include testing, mitigation, renovation, and demolition, as either independent project supervision or as a turnkey solution. 

ENW offers the assessment and remediation of:

·         Mold and mildew

·         Intrusion of volatile organic compounds

·         Asbestos

·         Radon

·         Dust

·         Lead-based paints

ENW performed, contracted, and supervised these services in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.  The staff have performed numerous assessments of asbestos, lead-based paint and radon, typically as part of an extended scope Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, or as part of an additional phase of investigation associated with multi-family dwellings and/or single-family dwellings throughout the Northwest and Northern California.   


ENW has provided independent unbiased evaluation and analysis of radon problems in the Northwest since 1990. We specialize in radon testing and radon entry analysis in homes, condos, apartments, schools and complex commercial buildings.   ENW maintains staff that are certified in radon measurements.  Services we offer include:

·         Radon analysis and radon measurement

·         Radon test program development, execution and monitoring

·         Large project, short & long term protocol radon testing

·         Apartment, multi-family & commercial building radon testing

·         Radon potential evaluation for building sites & unimproved land

·         Radon soil gas measurements

·         Gamma radiation surveys

·         Mitigation system design, testing, evaluation & certification

·         Utilizing HVAC modifications & air pressurization

·         Radon source and entry path investigations in complex buildings

·         Pre-construction radon mitigation system design