Lynn Green

Principal Geologist
Engineering Geologist
Principal Project Manager

As a Principal of EVREN Northwest, Mr. Lynn Green is responsible for project management, field and analytical protocols, analytical and numerical modeling of environmental systems (air, subsurface soil, surface water, ground water and cross-media transport), slope stability analysis, data validation and evaluation, monitoring and evaluation of environmental systems, and stream/watershed restoration. He also provides expertise in baseline, analytical, and comparative risk assessments and environmental impact statements. Lynn is a Licensed Geologist in Oregon, Idaho and Washington and a Licensed Engineering Geologist in Washington.

Lynn has over twenty years of experience as a Project Manager in the natural resources and environmental areas. He has worked extensively with diverse environmental issues, including environmental contamination, ground-water resource utilization, environmental risk assessment, vapor intrusion evaluation and modeling, indoor air quality assessment, and storm water control and mitigation. He has performed a wide range of environmental modeling, including pollution dispersion, fate and transport, comparative risk analysis, cross-media transport, and statistical data analysis. 

Lynn’s geologic and engineering experience includes landslide mitigation and stabilization, aggregate resource studies, geologic mapping, and characterization of soil and rock mechanical properties in the field and in the laboratory. He is also experienced in the area of slope stability analysis and bioengineering principles and has been certified by Wildland Hydrology to level four for stream assessment, monitoring and restoration. 

Lynn has served as Program Manager with analytical laboratories, developing and implementing laboratory methods for difficult analytes and agricultural constituents. He is experienced in a wide variety of environmental sampling issues including sampling methodology, sample analysis, data quality assurance and validation, and statistical analysis. He is experienced in various State, EPA, ASTM, FDA, and USDA analytical and sampling methodologies and has had extensive experience in field data acquisition.

Lynn’s projects include Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for many types of facilities, including various industrial properties, hospitals, factories, warehouses, hotels, apartment complexes, agricultural properties, dry cleaners, and service stations. Other studies have been performed for airport facilities, lumber mills, pulp and paper facilities, industrial metal scrapping operations, and petroleum-distributions facilities. Lynn has been the Principal Investigator and Author of several Storm Water Pollution Control Plans and Pollution Prevention Plans for facilities in both Oregon and Washington, including those with sensitive discharge concerns, such as discharging to 303d listed streams.

As a Certified Environmental Inspector with the Environmental Assessment Association with specialty in mold impacts, Lynn is the principal investigator for EVREN Northwest’s indoor air quality projects. His indoor air quality projects include: mold, dust, volatile organic contaminants, and fugitive emissions.


PhD Environmental Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Warren University
M.S. Physical Chemistry, University of Oregon
Certificate in Geotechnics, University of Missouri Science and Technology
Minors in geologic engineering and engineering geology