EVREN Northwest, Inc., (ENW) is a Pacific Northwest environmental and natural resources consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. ENW specializes in natural resource and environmental investigations, remediation, hydrogeologic and geotechnical studies, and assessment of human health and ecological risk. Additionally, ENW has an in-house Certified Indoor Environmentalist for mold/mildew investigation and remediation as well as architectural support services for the purposes of evaluating building conditions.

ENW is unique in that the company’s principals are former environmental regulators who are well versed and experienced in environmental laws and regulations as well as their practical implementation. Additionally, the principals of ENW have worked within the corporate structure of prominent engineering firms located in the Pacific Northwest, and have performed scientific and engineering studies on a wide range of natural resource evaluation and management projects.

ENW provides our clients with a broad range of environmental services in the following areas:

By providing these services in-house, we can deliver prompt, efficient service while maintaining high quality standards. ENW Project Managers are oriented toward providing results. Our past regulatory experience ensures regulatory compliance and efficient, effective results with environmental issues, and our extensive experience with natural resource management, assessment, and design is implemented for the benefit of our clients. Because of this, our clients include many other consulting firms in the Pacific Northwest and California, as well as developers, contractors, and commercial, industrial, and professional businesses. 

ENW is committed to providing superior client service and prompt, reliable results. ENW’s dedicated professionals understand your need for accurate, cost-effective solutions to today's environmental concerns. We emphasize thorough project documentation and can tailor Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) programs to meet your needs.